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WebİGS ERP - Work Safety & Health Management System

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WebIGS Work Safety & Health System, provides integrated solution for Work Safety & Healty Units (WSHU),  Businesses, Work Safety & Heath Experts to manage safety and health risks issues.

WebIGS is an integrated ERP system to manage Occupational Safety & Health management requirements supporting
ISO-9001 Quality Management System, ISO-10002 Customer Relation Management & OHSAS-18001 Workplace Health & Safety standards.

As a low cost and use-as-needed solution, WebIGS comes in 3 editions; WSHU, BUSINESS & EXPERT editions.

WSHU Edition (Work Safety & Health Unit) provides a complete integrated ERP solution to Work Safety & Health Management Consultancy businesses.

BUSINESS Edition provides a work safety & health management solution to businesses which would like to manage their safety risk under SaaS licence in cloud.

EXPERT Edition provides similar work safety & health management solution for experts to manage their client business's safety risk under SaaS licence in cloud. WebIGS's simple to use design, extensive database allows you to capture and manage more details about your work safety & health issues in an integrated solution for your business.

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WebİGS's Special Solution For WSHU Consultancy Companies..

WebIGS Work Safety & Health Units  (WSHU ) are dedicated organizations or companies focusing on solely Occupational Safety & Health consultancy or audits.

Because of the nature of the work these companies requires a wide spectrum of integrated modules to complete their work. Additional to Work Safety & Health management modules WHSU's requires modules for other activities such as Proposal and Contract Tracking,  Stock Management, Purchase, Human Resource, Work Order Tracking, Quality Management, Document Management & Financial Account Management etc.

WebIGS provides a 360-degree solution integrating all required modules in a "single" solution.

WebİGS supports 7 income channels for an WSHU:

  • Work Safety Consultancy,
  • Workplace Health Consultancy,
  • Human Resource Consultancy,
  • Maintenance Support,
  • PPD Product Sales,
  • Corporate/Academic Training,
  • ISO Standards Consultancy,

WebIGS also supports 3 main quality management systems needed by WSHUs:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
  • ISO 10002 Customer Relations Management System,
  • OHSAS /TS 18001 Work Safety & Health Management System


WebIGS has 3 add-on external connection systems to establish B2B extranet and an intranet to utilize tablet & mobile devices on the field.Third add-on system provides advance reporting.

WebİGS For Businesses...

WebİGS's Business Edition provides both Work Safety & Health Management  functionality required by the business, in cloud environment  under SaaS license.

WebİGS For Experts...

WebİGS's Expert Edition provides either Work Safety or  Health Management functionality to work safety experts and doctors, in cloud environment  under SaaS license.

WebİGS İş Güvenlik Sistemi
  • Work Safety Management
  • Workplace Health Management
  • Planning Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Agenda Management
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Management
  • Quality Management
  • Training Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Document Management
  • Archive Management
  • Knowledge Base (Blog)
  • Proposal Management
  • Sales Management
  • Contract Management
  • Product & Service
  • Vendor/Provider Tedarikci
  • Stock Management
  • Perchase Management
  • Financial Management
    • Financial Accounts Activities
    • Payment Tracking
    • Check/Bill Tracking
    • Bank Account Management


WebİGS İş Güvenlik Sistemi
  • WSHU/Business Human Resources
    • Assignments
    • Personnel Notifications
    • Personnel Leaves
    • Personnel Sick Reports
    • Personnel Entry/Exit Tracking
    • Lost Time Cost
    • Personnel Role/NACE Definitions
    • Job Applications & Management
    • Time Sheets
  • Business (Customer) Personnel
    • Personnel Document Tracking
    • Personnel Health Details
    • Family Health Details
    • Work History Details
    • Health History
    • Medicine History
    • Addiction Details
    • Role & Risk Group Definitions
  • Work Safety Management
    • Detailed Business Database
    • Business Documents Management
    • Work Safety Documents
    • Work Safety Planning
    • Business Activities
    • Personnel Personnel Protection Device (PPD) Tracking
      • Personnel Not Taking PPD
      • PPD Cost Tracking
      • PPD Stock Tracking
    • Electrical Measurements
    • Noise Measurements
    • Illumination Measurements
    • Work Accidents Tracking
    • Explosion Prevention
    • Emergency Situation Action Plans
    • Drill Plans
    • Risk Analysis
      • 5x5 L Matrix
      • Kinney 6x5x7 Matrix
      • Check List
    • Risk Definitions
      • Danger Definitions
      • Damage Definitions
      • Prevention Definitions
    • NACE Code Support
  • Workplace Health Management
    • Business Workplace Health Documents
    • Workplace Health Planning
    • Emergency Interventions
      • Integrated Health Control Management
      • Integrated Dispatch & Rest Management
    • Health Controls
      • Employment / Work Start
      • Clinical
      • Restart to Work
      • Work Accident
      • Periodic Health Control
    • Dispatch & Rest Management
    • Occupational Illness
    • ICD10  List Support
      • International Illness Codes
      • Illness Risks
    • Pregnancy Tracking
    • Vaccine Tracking
    • Prescription Tracking
    • Hygiene Tracking
    • Nurse Activities Tracking
    • Lost Time Cost
  • WSH Planning
    • Internal Planning & Task Lists
    • Business Planning & Task Lists
  • Quality Management
    • Unsuitable/Failure Management
    • Complain Management
    • CRP Activity Management
    • CRP Reason-Result Analysis
    • Personnel Performance Tracking
    • Business/Customer Performance Tracking
    • Vendor/Provider Performance Tracking
    • Meeting Minutes Tracking (QMS, Work Safety, Health...  )
  • Work Order Management
    • Work Order Status Tracking
    • Work Order (QMS) Cost Tracking
  • Training Management
    • Academic and Business WSH Training
    • Training (Quality) Cost Tracking
    • Attendee Tracing
    • Business Personnel Not taking Training
    • Training Plans
  • Maintenance Management
    • Maintenance Plans
    • Maintenance Cost Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Document Management
    • Unlimited 2-level Document Categorization System
      • General
      • Sales (Marketing...)
      • Quality (Form, Instructions ...)
      • Official Documents (...)
      • Invoice (Received, Send )
      • Work Safety (...)
      • Work Health (...)
      • Management (General, Emergency ...)
      • ...
    • Keyword & Free Grouping
    • User Access Levels
    • Archive Management
      • Unlimited Catalog/Archive Definitions
      • Archive Termination Tracking
    • Integrated QMS, WSH Documents Tracking
    • Integrated Relevance Definition ( Department, Business, User...)
    • Integrated Search
  • Document Hand Over Minute Tracking
  • Regulations & Legislation
    • Advance Regulation Tracing
    • Regulation Details Tracking,
    • Client based Regulation Evaluation,
    • Regulation Evaluation Report,
    • Regulation Works Report (ToDos & WorkOrders for Unsupported Regulations),
    • Regulation Fines,
    • Automatic Client based Fine Analysis,
    • More than 50+ new System Analysis Indicators for Regulation Management Module
    • Risk Related Regulation Tracking
    • Regulation Related Risks Tracking
  • Knowledge Base
    • Various Categories  (General, Management, Operations v.b.)
    • Comments
    • Questions & Answers Opened to Businesses/Customers over B2B
    • Questions & Answers Opened to General Public over WebSite Integration
  • Contacts Management
    • Effective Contact Tracking with over 20 built in Contact Types
  • Visitors Tracking
  • Products & Services
    • PPD Cost Tracking
  • Proposal Management
    • Unlimited Proposal Templates
    • Creating Proposals from Proposal Templates
    • Proposal Status Tracking
    • Proposal Success Analysis
  • Contract Management
    • Unlimited Contract Templates
    • Creating Contracts from Contract Templates
  • Sales Management
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Accounting Activities
  • Vendor/Provider Management
    • Vendor PerformanceTracking
  • Vendor Product/Service Tracking
    • Detailed Product/Service Definition
    • Product Categories
      • Built in PPD Categories
  • Stock Management
    • Low Stock Products
    • Stock New Order Level
  • Purchase Management
  • Financial Management
    • Financial Account Activities
      • 52 Financial Account Screen
    • Payment Activities
    • Check/Bill Tracking
    • Bank Accounts Tracking
    • Quality & Safety Costs Tracking
      • Work Force Cost Tracking
      • Material Cost Tracking
      • Lost Time Cost Tracking
  • Group Processes
    • Creating Risk Analysis Group
    • Creating CheckList  Group
    • Creating Work Plan Tasks From Template
    • Creating WSH Plan Tasks From Template
    • Adding Multiple Training Attendees
    • PPD Product Distribution
  • Over 400 Dynamic List Form
    • Unlimited Record Filtering
    • Advance Filtering on List Forms for Cross-Filtering
  • Analysis & Report
    • Dynamic Reporting with Over 400 Dynamic List Form
    • Over 50 Dynamic Analysis Graphic
    • Standard Dynamic Reports
    • Standard & Unlimited User Dashboard Tables



WebİGS paket tanımları için tıklayın..

Data Export...

WebİGS provides data export functionality on most of the screens.

WebİGS Export


WebİGS SaaS comes with automatic database backup.Lisansı kapsamında tüm WebİGS kullanıcılarının bilgileri hergün otomatik olarak yedeklenerek saklanmaktadır.

System & Database...

WebİGS runs on low-cost & open source LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL ve PHP) systems which also assures low operational cost.

As defaults WebİGS uses MySQL database. However WebIGS framework supports all popular databases.